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About JFH


Get to know us

Our mission to educate everyday ladies on how to live a Healthier and Happier lifestyle for themselves and their families through nutrition and exercise. 


To instill confidence, encourage enhanced self love, and promote empowerment.

To provide a safe, welcoming and upbeat atmosphere with female-only classes where you can come and enjoy the company of like minded ladies, chat, laugh and work on bettering yourself.

About Lisa

Creator, Director, Personal Trainer at JFH Bootcamps.

My name is Lisa Julian and I am a Personal Trainer who has experienced my own journey of becoming fitter, healthier and leading a  better lifestyle, therefore I am able to relate to what my clients have been through and are going through.

I am currently a mum of 1 so I understand that struggles and stress that comes with trying to juggle work life, mum life and prioritise your own well being too. I also understand the thoughts that come with pregnancy and the journey it takes to adapting to the ‘new you’ afterwards whilst working toward getting back to your fittest, happiest, physically and mentally healthiest you, that you can be.

All up I have lost 50kgs and am continually finding new ways to challenge myself mentally and physically.

“I am passionate about teaching ladies how to look after their bodies  through nutrition and exercise and love to watch their confidence grow as they do so.”

My Bootcamps provide women a place to partake in monitored and structured classes, alongside other like minded, goal driven, motivated woman. My ladies are all very supportive of one another and  

I believe this is part of why I have such great results from each round of bootcamp.

I work very hard to create an amazing atmosphere where all my ladies feel welcome and confident!

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